Nothing happens unless first a dream.
- Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)

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Why Lauer Design

When choosing a company or a person to create and execute a major transformation, such as renovation, remodeling, or restoration, in your home it is vitally important to make that selection with several key factors in mind.

Ability.....are they capable? Lauer Design has a large portfolio of successful interior and exterior projects ranging from small exterior additions to whole house renovations...and everything in between. The more you invest in studying our previous work the more convinced you will be that we are capable of doing your job. We cannot imagine a residential project that would be beyond our scope and resources. We have numerous references that will attest to their satisfaction with our ability to deliver a successful interior or exterior transformation.

Vision....can they see where I can't? The staff at Lauer Design are particularly skillful at bringing forward dramatic ideas (with an eye on affordability) that our clients embrace with enthusiasm. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to spot the work of someone who said they can do it themselves? Those projects typically lack vision...the ability to see it all come together on the front end, instead of just hoping it will on the back end. it a fair price and is it accurately estimated? Lauer Design prides itself on delivering outstanding value to our clients. We work like we are spending our money and we are tireless in finding the best value when it comes to materials and labor. With significant experience in cost estimating for major design projects and close relationships with trusted vendors and craftsmen, we are well equipped to help you know your approximate cost in advance of starting the project.

Project will everything get done? At Lauer Design we know that the magic is in the details and we view project management as the tool that ensures a successful delivery of our design and makes our clients happy. We know that most homeowners don't want to chase all of the details, scheduling and quality assessments that must be undertaken for a successful outcome. We also know that those issues are vital to a successful project and ultimately vital to the success of Lauer Design.

If you closely consider the elements above, you will conclude that Lauer Design may be the best choice for your home transformation.....let us prove it to you.
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